Custom Design - We've made the web our business, so you can focus on yours.

Custom Design

Your website is your business’ window to the world. It is the place where visitors immediately draw conclusions about the value of your company, products and services. First impressions, make a difference.

Maximize the full potential of a Professionally-Developed website.

The proper development of your site (design, content and navigation) will help attract prospects to engage, recognize the business value, and take action. Most business folks today will search the internet to research businesses, products and services. Don’t sell your company short by employing a website that is not “Best In Class”.

Connect with your customers.

The most important part of designing a website is to understand the market you’re designing for and more importantly the audience your communicating with. There are also many technical aspects to be considered that if not properly planned could compromise the intended goal of the site. i2i webmedia will strive to understand your business, markets, audience, and use that knowledge to assist in delivering a “best-in-class” website for your organization.

Contact us today and let us help you create a fresh and engaging website, custom developed to meet you company’s website objectives.

  • Website refresh
  • Multi media presentations
  • Keyword integration for proper SEO
  • More intuitive site navigation
  • Interactive Marketing Integration
  • and more !!!