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Market Planning

Planning the marketing strategy for you business? Every market planning strategy involves two important steps:

  • Customer discovery
  • Assessment

These two steps are essential developing the right strategy in your marketing plan. Tending to the requirements of your customer, aligning your services according to their needs and pushing sales numbers higher are the main objectives of creating a marketing plan.

What is customer discovery?

The customer discovery stage is an important step in market planning, as it helps us understand our clients business in order to devise the right strategy. This stage identifies your market and the buying characteristics. Clients market discovery is also critical in understanding market behavior and the motivation behind it. Deciding how to effectively communicate with the clients  customers and targeted market at the right time with the right tool,  and the right message is the objective.

The importance of assessment

A thorough assessment process helps you create a result-oriented marketing strategy and helps you take stock of the ongoing plans and weigh your strengths and weaknesses. Helping you plan a general strategy, assessment also helps you create a map for your strategy and includes information like marketing collateral and the use of social media. You could also include essential information like client referrals, engagements, public relations and centers of influence.

How i2i webmedia can help

We understand that the use of traditional marketing methods like Print Advertising, Trade Shows, TV and Radio spots, will always be part of the marketing tool bag.  However, the trending use of Inbound Marketing methods are being deployed, because traditional methods are being realized as less useful.  Consider you mailbox and all of the print junk mail you receive?  Do you read it, or throw it out?  Are you using your DVR more often to record your favorite movies or TV programs, so that you don’t get frustrated by endless commercials? How annoying is junk email?  Or telemarketing people calling you just as your sitting down for dinner?

All of theses types of traditional PUSH marketing techniques are being replace by PULL marketing techniques.  What is PULL marketing?  The methodology used to engage prospects, by creating value in your products and services whereby the prospect wants you to market to them. They are interested in what you bring to the table and will seriously consider you when they are ready to purchase what you have to sell.  PULL marketing is a relationship, a conversation, and a much more qualified prospect. Inbound Marketing tools allow a company to use the the proper communication lever at the proper time.  It allow for much more effective testing of market messaging, (what’s working what’s not) and it provides for far better metrics of you marketing investment.

The key to effective marketing in general is to understand the value of all the tools in your tool bag and to use the correct one at the proper time.  Working with company’s to better understand all of the marketing options, i2i can help your business devise an effective marketing plan to attract and retain the right customer, base based on the research carried out in the discovery and assessment stages.  i2i webmedia specialists are trained in the Hubspot Inbound Marketing methodology, considered one of the most successful integrated marketing platforms in the world.For detailed, practical and affordable market planning solutions. 

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