Using Social Media For Market Research

The biggest benefit of using social media for market research is the speed in which an idea can be floated. Any social media network can be used for market research, including some of the lesser known niche networks, which can help a business to reach its target audience. For example there are social networks devoted entirely to fashion, to food and to other niche interests. Using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn could bring in far more responses, even from a minority interest sector. These are the biggest and most widely used networks and are useful for local, national and global market research.

Asking Questions

The best type of question to ask in social media is one that can be given a quick answer. It should not be too lengthy or ask for too much information. It could be a quick question or a request for personal opinions. A link could lead to a survey page. An image posted in the message will help to attract attention. On Twitter, a question posted with an appropriate hashtag can bring in instant results. Paying for a promoted tweet could create a biggest response, but a good enough response can result from a tweet posted from a Twitter account with a lot of followers. Twitter followers can also be requested to retweet the question, so it can reach a wider audience. Just adding a simple “Please RT” can result in many more retweets. Facebook makes it easy for any business, company or brand to set up a page, which can then be used as a market research tool. An update posted on a Facebook page can feature a poll requiring a yes or no answer or giving multiple options. The results will be visible to everyone visiting that page, and people may add their own responses in the comments. Alternatively, an update on Facebook may just invite people to comment with their views about an idea for a particular type of product, a proposed event or some new sort of service. Anyone who uses LinkedIn for business should already belong to at least one group and can apply to join any suitable group for market research. LinkedIn groups do not welcome marketing messages or self-promotion, but questions are permitted in group discussions. The opening post in a LinkedIn discussion can ask group members what they think of an idea. A link in the post can lead to an image, a video or full description. An email address can also be given, inviting members to participate in some more detailed feedback.

Responses from Social Media

An effective question or compelling update can bring a great many instant responses. If there is a lack of response, or not many people responding, then another update can be posted, putting a slightly different angle on the question or requesting more feedback on the idea. The number of positive responses received should be enough to assess the viability of a new development, product or idea. When there are only negative responses, or a complete lack of response, the idea is obviously not going to fly. With billions of people networking every day, the fastest to get valuable feedback is by using social media for market research. It also saves a lot of money and can be done for little or no cos

What Is Market Segmentation And How Can It Boost Sales?

Market segmentation is a strategy that is used by businesses in order to identify different customers groups and the different needs of these customers. This allows the marketing techniques that are used for these customer groups to be targeted to their specific needs.

There are a number of different ways that customers are able to be classified and a business may use all of these or only a small number of them. Whichever methods are used a business will need to ensure that the customers that they have identified as belonging to each group have been classified correctly. This may involve ensuring that all customer information is up to date.

One example of market segregation is to categorize customers by location. This is a useful strategy for businesses that have a store that customers can visit. If they are having a sale in the store then they will need to target customers that live nearby and will be able to get to the store easily. In this case having the right information about customers is vital because if they have moved then the marketing may not be as effective. Other ways of segregating customers include classification by past purchases. This involves analyzing purchases that customers have made previously to identify new products that they may be interested in. If a group of customers have bought similar products in the past, then there is a good chance then they will be interested in the same sort of products in the future.

Market segmentation can help a business increase the amount of sales that it makes because it ensures that each target audience receives a marketing message that is specific to them. This means they will be receiving information about the products and services a company offers that will be of the most benefit to them and therefore these are more likely to be things that the person will purchase. Even if they are not ready to make a purchase yet, then the products that are being advertised may be something that they may need in the future.

Offering products that the business feels will be of benefit to customers shows that they are not just part of a blanket marketing effort and that they have been thought about as an individual. Reassuring customers in this way that they are valued by the business means that they are more likely to remain loyal to the business. This will lead to increased sales not only for the products that are being advertised in that marketing campaign, but also for future sales. This can be extended further by addressing all marketing communications to the customer by name, instead of using a generic greeting.

Marketing campaigns that are targeted to specific customers are often more successful and marketing segregation allows different groups of customers to be identified so that advertising for the most relevant products for them can be directed towards these customers. It also allows the effectiveness of the marketing campaign to be more closely monitored and the return on investment to be more accurately calculated.

Why Writing A Blog Is Good For Business

It’s important for people in business to understand the value of a blog. A blog is good for any type of business, from the newest small enterprise to an established company with a head office. There are many advantages to be gained, and nothing at all to lose, by writing a blog for your website.

Building a Brand

A well-established business can use a blog to increase its reputation. A small business or a new enterprise can build enough trust with a blog to establish its brand. The best way to write posts that will build a brand is to use a friendly informative style, and at the same time demonstrate inside knowledge and expertise.

Visitors to a blog should be able to find many different topics, all of them related somehow to the product or service provided by the business. Bloggers can offer good advice and share helpful tips. They can also feature useful links which bring up more information from authoritative websites.

Marketing on the Internet

Writing a blog is one of the most effective ways of marketing online. Users using search engines can easily find your blog posts, giving you the opportunity to reach a whole new audience through your writing.

Blog content is also easy to share through social media. In this day and age, a business should at least have its own account on Twitter or Facebook, to connect with customers, share blog content and hopefully gain more followers with each new post.

However, writing content for a blog should not sound like you are making an obvious sales pitch. It’s a much more subtle form of marketing.

Keeping Customers and Website Visitors Informed

Users of a website can be encouraged to visit a related blog where they will find up-to-date news about the business and its products. Customers and other visitors are more likely to subscribe to a blog that covers topics that are of particular interest to them.

Twitter and Facebook buttons can also be featured in the sidebar of a blog, as a way of inviting visitors to follow on Twitter or to like the business’s Facebook page.

Providing a Call To Action

The ultimate aim of using a blog for business is to increase profits. A blog can generate direct sales by featuring a call to action at the end of a post. This can be linked to a relevant sales page, information about your services or a contact form.

Increasing Interaction

Another great aspect to blogging is its interactive nature. Any visitor can easily add a personal point of view or ask a question, by using the comment box.

Ending each post with clear invitation to add a comment or a question, helps the blog to become an interactive resource. However, be careful to closely monitor all comments, to prevent spam, self-promotion and also to provide a speedy response.

A blog that allows interaction helps to build trust in a business and goes a long way to establishing a brand online. Writing a blog is a useful way to increase business potential, for marketing to the correct audience and for generating more sales.

Build Your Brand Through Word Of Mouth

Symbols are very important when you are marketing products. The word ‘brand’ is used to describe this process. Most of us see a logo and that tells about a product and about the quality and integrity of the company.

But there is another way to spread the word about your product or service and that is “Word of Mouth.” Here are some ways to get people to come to you through recommendations from friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Let people try your product for free

One of the best ways to generate word of mouth of branding is to give away a free sample. Having your picture or logo in a person’s home is one of the best ways to have your brand name go from house to house and mind to mind. Colorful and unusual shapes that draw attention stay in people’s memory best. In fact, the more unusual the shape or using eye catching colors, the more your brand sticks in a person’s mind and that’s the aim.

Provide Quality

This is especially true in the service industry. So, when you are doing anything, do it with quality and do more than others expect of you to.

If you do this long enough, people around you will talk about you and your products and services in a positive light, bringing in more business for you.

Focus on Contacting People

When you meet someone, you must stick in his or her mind. Get their name, business card, learn their name and pronounce it to get it right. You will stick in their mind as well. Then you must find a way to get them to associate your product with you. This then becomes a meme, an idea that like a virus and can spread from mind to mind.

Use the contact information you have acquired, and from time to time check in with them and see how they are doing. You don’t even have to mention your product any more. The attention and you remembering their name and a little bit about them will flatter people. This is one of the best ways to get your brand out there.

Julius Caesar knew every man in his army by name and this helped make him the Emperor of Rome.

Write a Book

Don’t get scared. You will be surprised how easy this really is. There are many books and courses that teach how to write an eBook in 10 days, 7 days or inside of a month.

We are not talking about the great American Novel here. We are talking about a 40 to 50–page book that talks about your services and products. If you get this done, you can have it printed off and use as a giveaway. This is a fabulous way to generate word of mouth branding.

Don’t Be Shy

In order to take advantage of word of mouth advertising and succeed at it, you need to get out there and interact with people. Talk to them, put yourself out there, offer a free product and spend time going the extra mile for your customers. You are selling more than your product or service, you are selling yourself and your brand and what better way than getting out there and meeting the customers face to face with a positive, outgoing attitude.

What social media options are best suited for your business, and how to figure that out

Businesses today need instant feedback from both their existing and potential customers. A television or print advertisement gives no immediate useful feedback to a business. Social media is very much in the mix in the world of business and is ever expanding. It gives instant feedback on a continuous basis. Businesses need to reach their customers in real time before the business gets lost in time.

So, with this in mind, what is the best social media option for your business? First you must figure out the answers to these questions:

  • How do I want to portray my business?
  • Do I want to reach as many people as possible?
  • Am I flexible about my business?
  • Do I really want feedback? (No sense in getting it if you are not going to use it.)
  • Do I want to elicit emotion?
  • Do I want to maintain a professional identity?

These are some difficult questions that must be answered honestly when deciding which social media to use for your business. For example, if you want to have the opinions of other like-minded businesses then you need to be on a professional social media site like LinkedIn. Here you have the ability to discuss your business with fellow businessmen who may even have a business similar to yours. It also provides a great opportunity to network with others in your industry. On the other hand if you want to create some personality around your brand and interact with customers then a medium like Facebook or Google+ might be a better option for your business.

There are a huge array of social websites out there and this is where things can become confusing for businesses just starting out in social media. With the choice of so many avenues to go down it’s often difficult to choose the right one or even to choose just one. The most popular social media mediums out there at the moment are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. In order to make the best choice for your business, it’s a good idea to look at other successful businesses in your niche and see which social media they’re leveraging and how they’re doing it.

Ultimately, social media is another marketing tool, which in this day and age needs to be taken advantage of. If you’re a company that incorporates a lot of media (images, video, music, etc) into your advertising campaigns then YouTube and Instagram would be great options for you. However, other businesses can cash in here too. For example a restaurant might use Instagram to launch a new dish and show pictures of the food and of patrons enjoying the new dish. Any companies which feature testimonials from customers may consider using YouTube to share their videos of happy customers.

Facebook and Google+ offer a great opportunity to actually interact with your customers and embrace the social aspect of social media. These websites, when properly utilized, can create a real buzz around your product or service and give you that instant feedback which is so important. Creating a full profile including images, updates and videos allows your business to develop an online personality. This can be a fantastic way to engage new and existing clients.

A combination of social media accounts may actually be the best option for you and your business but be careful not to get carried away. Signing up for every social media network is unnecessary. You are much better off to choose the ones that suit your business and focus your energy on those. Of course you can link your social media accounts, so that one update spreads like wildfire across all your platforms. With the right social media choices news of your company, its product and services, could be quickly following suit.

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How to test inbound marketing strategies before investing in them

With the advent of the internet and the widespread use of social media, Interactive marketing has also evolved greatly, representing a fundamental change in the way people offer their products and services to the general public. For any business to succeed in the present environment, it must have a strong presence on the internet.

The amount of buying and selling on the internet is increasing all the time, so staying ahead of the competition is imperative. This brings us to the question: What are the components of a successful interactive marketing strategy? An even more important question in this regard is how you can test the effectiveness of interactive marketing strategies before you begin to invest in them?

Let’s begin with the first question. A great interactive marketing strategy involves utilization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), press releases and social networking, as well as pay-per-click campaigns on the internet. Implementing an interactive marketing campaign is a daunting task because it depends on the nature of the product or service as well as the resources allocated for marketing.

Now, the second question. Of course, if you want to make an investment, you will first want to know how effective the interactive marketing strategies are. This can be achieved by determining the outcome of the marketing strategy. It is much easier to find out whether the strategy is being successful or not, rather than trying to delve into its mechanics. If the strategy is successful, it will translate into an increase in sales. If it is not, well it will also be visible. The gauge for measuring the success of any campaign is to find out its level of resonance with the consumer base.

There are some technical aspects of the strategy that you may also review in order to better understand its effectiveness. A great interactive marketing strategy is applied from the bottom up. If the website is built on shaky foundations, it will be next to impossible to be noticed by search engines. The interactive marketing strategy should be based on an in-depth awareness of the steps involved in the development of a profitable online presence. Furthermore, this knowledge must be implemented in a professional manner.

The SEO or the Search Engine optimization is the most important aspect of the website’s core. However, even a webpage with a great SEO design or code foundation may not be able to attract the kind of traffic that will translate into better profits due to its lack of the essential human touch. A good interactive marketing strategist understands the need for incorporating videos and animation in the website, and how they are able to sway a potential buyer.

An effective interactive marketing strategy is built around the idea of driving people towards your website. A good marketing strategy will enable you to review your website and come up with suggestions on how to make it more presentable. However, this is not all. You must also have a strong presence on social networking sites so that you can update existing, as well as potential customers about your products and services.

Testing the effectiveness of an interactive marketing strategy calls for reviewing its mechanics and watching the results it is generating in terms of enhanced sales and increasing profits. Only after going through this process, can you decide whether an investment is feasible or not.

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How to get found on the web with a limited budget

The Internet has undoubtedly made marketing easier in many ways. Only just a few years ago small businesses had limited marketing tools at their disposal. But today there are plenty of interactive marketing tools available to small businesses, with little to no money to put towards marketing. It’s all about knowing how to use the tools that are available.

Social Media

It’s difficult to portray the true value of social media marketing. People can set up multiple social media accounts at no extra charge. Frequently, the main challenge with social media marketing lies in having enough time to maintain several social media accounts. Businesses that cannot allocate a lot of resources to this often pay individuals or small teams to handle the social marketing side of a given business.

The time value of money is an important factor for businesses that are operating within very tight margins. These businesses must be sure to make the most of the funds that they do have by hiring the right people for the right tasks. They should avoid expending unnecessary resources on marketing, while recognizing the importance of getting noticed online.

Blogging and Guest Blogging

Producing web content allows people to get noticed online every day. People on the Internet find or read the web content, and they stay to purchase whatever products might be available. Some businesses make all their money through these kinds of visitors, if their business models involve relying on ad revenue. Blogging and producing web content often involves no extra money, if talented writers or content producers are readily available. Businesses that have a limited amount of time to work with could benefit from working with content creation businesses in order to get noticed online.

Some businesses have achieved visibility online almost entirely through guest blogging. Blogs that already have an audience of some kind can be valuable for businesses that are trying to achieve audiences of their own. Most blogs allow businesses to produce free web content, so businesses with small marketing budgets shouldn’t have any problem with coming up with something at no extra charge. This kind of exposure is an excellent way to further your organizations online profile.

Blog Directories

There are certain websites online that are specifically designed to help people find websites in certain categories. These websites can prove instrumental for businesses that are desperately trying to achieve visibility online. Often getting a listing on these kinds of websites is free or there is a small, nominal fee. Businesses can almost effortlessly increase the amount of traffic going to their websites through this process.

As you can see, connecting businesses with their potential customers can be easily achieved with minimal expense if the right strategies are used.

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How do I build a significant opt-in list within six months?

Six months is definitely long enough to build a significant opt-in email list for marketing purposes. The best way to start is by planning exactly you are going to entice a lot of people to subscribe to your regular emails. You will need some content which can be marketed and shared, and that could possibly go viral. Then you can reach your target audience using social media, SEO and reciprocal links. Everyone who clicks your link should be made to feel that opting in is in their best interests.

Offer an Incentive

People really need to be convinced that there is something to be gained by opting in. Few people actually want to receive marketing emails, but many can be persuaded by being offered a free gift if they subscribe. You might think that subscribers will just grab the gift and go, but most of them will stay when they see that your emails provide some exclusive offers and/or special discounts. Subscribers want to remain on a list when they think it means they get a better deal.

An incentive gift should be something of value to the subscriber that arouses curiosity and leads people to subscribe. The exact type of free gift offered to subscribers will depend on your business, but free software, a free trial or a free download could prove irresistible to someone who would not otherwise want to subscribe. The free offer could be an e-book guide or secret report that reveals the facts, exposes the truth or provides information that few people know about. It should of course be about something that is related to your type of business.

Methods to Build an Opt-in List

Each visitor to your website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter account should see a button or link to subscribe to your email list. On a blog or web page the best position to place this is high up in the right sidebar or in a prominent place close to the top of the page. Rather than just placing a ‘Subscribe’ button or link, add a message inviting visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter so they do not miss out on your updates, latest news and special offers. A similar message may also be added to the end of each blog post or page.

A good way to expand a list is by encouraging subscribers to tell their friends about the free email newsletter. Provide a link in each email to forward it to a friend’s email address, and encourage the use of social media shares.

Reciprocal links can be placed in similar email newsletters. Try contacting big list owners who may include your link in return for their link appearing in your emails.

Within six months you can reach a lot of potential subscribers for your opt-in list. Just remember that people have to be persuaded to subscribe. This means that the focus of your campaign should be be on pushing the benefits to be gained by subscribing.


Top 3 most important interactive marketing steps a small business needs to take to succeed.

Every small business owner needs to understand that they will have to do what it takes to draw in a new set of customers. If they want their operation to succeed, then owners will need to consider some of the new marketing strategies becoming available to them. It will be surprisingly simple for people to link up with interactive marketing. This strategy is promising to deliver an unparalleled level of support for professionals who want to make the most out of their business strategy. Owners will be able to generate some support for these projects when they want to integrate interactive marketing with their existing strategy.

3. Set Up A Conversation

A hallmark feature of interactive marketing is that it has coincided with major changes in the marketplace. Notably, the market is moving away from a transaction-based relationship between seller and buyer. The market is now moving towards a more conversational approach, which will provide a substantial amount of information to the buyer. Owners should make sure that their interactive marketing approach emphasizes the conversation and draws in support from buyers.

2. Follow Customer Preferences

If owners want to make the most out of their sales, they should try to cater their services to suit the preferences of customers. They can do just that if they opt to effectively utilize interactive marketing. Major companies are now starting to track customer preferences in a few simple ways, providing an important boost to their sales profile. This has enabled companies to actually upgrade the different types of products that they have to offer and market them directly to consumers. People will invariably want to review some of the unique services that they can offer when they make use of the interactive marketing approach.

1. Use Effective Web Design

Web design agencies are increasingly searching for ways in which they can make the most out of their services. These web design teams are reviewing some important strategies that are available to people out on the market. Owners will want to understand more about how having an effective web design can work for their business. This will add to the overall performance that owners can get when they adopt an interactive marketing approach. It may take some time to find a team that has experience when it comes to offering all of these services but it will be an investment well worth the time for business owners.

Ultimately, it is important for owners to review the effectiveness of the interactive marketing approach that they are taking. They may want to get a better idea of whether their approach is working as it should to enhance their web layout. Owners should try to use objective measures to do this. They can evaluate the performance of their strategy by looking at sales data and website viewership. This kind of information can be an invaluable insight as to whether the interactive marketing strategy is working as it should.

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Retaining Clients and Maintaining Value Prop.

The world out there is quite competitive. Company’s are ready to jump at the first chance, to help ensure they get there unfair share of the market. And, in this ultra-competitive and ultra-materialistic race for growth, maintaining a sound customer base is critical to insure survival.  The willingness of the customer to stay with your company come what may, is the real key to success. The loyalty has to be mutual. Just as a single loyal customer is preferred over two new customers, the business valuing the loyalty of the vendor, should be preferred over others.

The enterprise should be willing to acknowledge and appreciate the loyalty of those customers that have seen them through the good time and the bad. The customer is not bought they are earned, slowly and steadily by investing in them, by giving them quality services, by listening to their needs. So, your business should continue to work towards retaining the customer base that you have earned, so laboriously. A healthy mix of customer loyalty and customer retention campaigns or programs is recommended for renewing the strengths of the relationship.  Efforts should be made to help ensure retention of those customers so that they won’t move away from you as soon as your competitor announces an alternative option in pricing or performance.

One of the most common practices (beyond un-compromised service) to ensure repeat customers in your business is to announce a simple points systems. The repeat customers are rewarded with points that can translate into attractive discounts, or cash-back rewards. The trick behind such a point system is to keep it simple.

To earn the loyalty of the customer, businesses are also venturing into offering attainable and desirable rewards, based on the depth and breath of product purchases, or amount of time spent as a valued customer. This has been seen in the credit card services industry such as, gold and platinum card owners that enjoy certain special privileges over regular cards. Broadening the product or service base has also worked in favor of businesses aiming to retain their customers. A single point of contact to purchase complementary products or service offerings keep competitors at bay and helps insure customer retention.

Loyalty is built slowly and gradually by keeping in touch with the customer through planned campaigns such as emails, blogs, discussion forums.  Your team should be motivated enough to always present a positive and upbeat attitude when engaging directly and indirectly  with the customer. And on the top of the list is always making sure product and service expectations are met every time. This can happen only when the company is willing to listen to the customers point of view and bring out products and services that meet the needs and demands of the customers base.

All your marketing and operational endeavors should be directed towards having a growing and delighted customer base. Number matters, but then loyalty matters as well, and, the loyalty will translate into numbers gradually. There is no denying that generally, what you give, is what you get. You treat your customers well and they treat you well, in turn.

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