Top Tips For Effective Online Brand Management

Brand management plays a big part in achieving business success. It’s important with you internet marketing strategy, that your brand is always viewed in a positive way and it must not be associated with anything negative. Managing a brand does not have to be a difficult task. The following five tips highlight some simple techniques for effective brand management.

Be Consistent

The same logo or avatar and the same basic color scheme should be used in all marketing material, business communications, press releases and web content. Social media accounts should also be easily identifiable from the profile image and background.

Consistency also applies to quality and speed of responses to inquiries, complaints and requests for help. Politeness and clarity of language must be maintained at all times. All written communications must use correct spelling and grammar, with attention to detail. The same applies to blog posts and social media messages.

Deal With Negative Criticism

Customer reviews are not always kind to businesses and an unhappy customer might start posting negative things about your brand. Rants full of false accusations about the brand might appear in blogs, forums, social media feeds and on review sites. The worst thing you can do is to ignore these.

The way to deal with adverse criticism and misleading information is to add a polite comment saying that you are sorry that this person is not satisfied. It should be followed by a reasoned explanation or a request for them to contact you, so the situation can be resolved. Either way, your comment should put a positive spin on the situation by being genuine in your concern, and by highlighting the fact that good customer service is always your top priority.

Take Advantage of Testimonials

Unsolicited testimonials and recommendations can be used to endorse the brand, through links in social media, on a blog or quoted in a prominent part of the website. It’s polite to ask permission before publishing testimonials, or at least ask customers if they want their full name to appear at the end of a testimonial, or just their initials.

Support a Good Cause

Associating the brand with a good cause will help to maintain a positive image. This can be done through sponsorship, by featuring a charity appeal on your website or through involvement with a local fundraising event. You can also send out press releases, emails or information sheets about your company’s support, participation or involvement with the cause.

Show Business Credentials

Membership of a business organization, an alliance with an industry authority or any official recognition by a trade association should feature prominently on your website and promotional literature. Any awards or commendations from an institution or website should of course be given full publicity.

If the business is not associated with any official organization or industry awards, then efforts should be made to join, compete or gain some recognition from at least one business circle or trade organization.

Brand management is largely about building customer trust and maintaining a good reputation. It will therefore cover everything from the standard of business communication to the creation of positive associations.

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