Using Social Media For Market Research

The biggest benefit of using social media for market research is the speed in which an idea can be floated. Any social media network can be used for market research, including some of the lesser known niche networks, which can help a business to reach its target audience. For example there are social networks devoted entirely to fashion, to food and to other niche interests. Using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn could bring in far more responses, even from a minority interest sector. These are the biggest and most widely used networks and are useful for local, national and global market research.

Asking Questions

The best type of question to ask in social media is one that can be given a quick answer. It should not be too lengthy or ask for too much information. It could be a quick question or a request for personal opinions. A link could lead to a survey page. An image posted in the message will help to attract attention. On Twitter, a question posted with an appropriate hashtag can bring in instant results. Paying for a promoted tweet could create a biggest response, but a good enough response can result from a tweet posted from a Twitter account with a lot of followers. Twitter followers can also be requested to retweet the question, so it can reach a wider audience. Just adding a simple “Please RT” can result in many more retweets. Facebook makes it easy for any business, company or brand to set up a page, which can then be used as a market research tool. An update posted on a Facebook page can feature a poll requiring a yes or no answer or giving multiple options. The results will be visible to everyone visiting that page, and people may add their own responses in the comments. Alternatively, an update on Facebook may just invite people to comment with their views about an idea for a particular type of product, a proposed event or some new sort of service. Anyone who uses LinkedIn for business should already belong to at least one group and can apply to join any suitable group for market research. LinkedIn groups do not welcome marketing messages or self-promotion, but questions are permitted in group discussions. The opening post in a LinkedIn discussion can ask group members what they think of an idea. A link in the post can lead to an image, a video or full description. An email address can also be given, inviting members to participate in some more detailed feedback.

Responses from Social Media

An effective question or compelling update can bring a great many instant responses. If there is a lack of response, or not many people responding, then another update can be posted, putting a slightly different angle on the question or requesting more feedback on the idea. The number of positive responses received should be enough to assess the viability of a new development, product or idea. When there are only negative responses, or a complete lack of response, the idea is obviously not going to fly. With billions of people networking every day, the fastest to get valuable feedback is by using social media for market research. It also saves a lot of money and can be done for little or no cos

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