Build Your Brand Through Word Of Mouth

Symbols are very important when you are marketing products. The word ‘brand’ is used to describe this process. Most of us see a logo and that tells about a product and about the quality and integrity of the company.

But there is another way to spread the word about your product or service and that is “Word of Mouth.” Here are some ways to get people to come to you through recommendations from friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Let people try your product for free

One of the best ways to generate word of mouth of branding is to give away a free sample. Having your picture or logo in a person’s home is one of the best ways to have your brand name go from house to house and mind to mind. Colorful and unusual shapes that draw attention stay in people’s memory best. In fact, the more unusual the shape or using eye catching colors, the more your brand sticks in a person’s mind and that’s the aim.

Provide Quality

This is especially true in the service industry. So, when you are doing anything, do it with quality and do more than others expect of you to.

If you do this long enough, people around you will talk about you and your products and services in a positive light, bringing in more business for you.

Focus on Contacting People

When you meet someone, you must stick in his or her mind. Get their name, business card, learn their name and pronounce it to get it right. You will stick in their mind as well. Then you must find a way to get them to associate your product with you. This then becomes a meme, an idea that like a virus and can spread from mind to mind.

Use the contact information you have acquired, and from time to time check in with them and see how they are doing. You don’t even have to mention your product any more. The attention and you remembering their name and a little bit about them will flatter people. This is one of the best ways to get your brand out there.

Julius Caesar knew every man in his army by name and this helped make him the Emperor of Rome.

Write a Book

Don’t get scared. You will be surprised how easy this really is. There are many books and courses that teach how to write an eBook in 10 days, 7 days or inside of a month.

We are not talking about the great American Novel here. We are talking about a 40 to 50–page book that talks about your services and products. If you get this done, you can have it printed off and use as a giveaway. This is a fabulous way to generate word of mouth branding.

Don’t Be Shy

In order to take advantage of word of mouth advertising and succeed at it, you need to get out there and interact with people. Talk to them, put yourself out there, offer a free product and spend time going the extra mile for your customers. You are selling more than your product or service, you are selling yourself and your brand and what better way than getting out there and meeting the customers face to face with a positive, outgoing attitude.

How To Enhance Your Customer Relationship

Customers are the lifeblood of any business or service provider. Building up a relation with them is one of the most important things that you can do. Here, we will look at some ways you can make that relationship a positive one and how it can bring you repeat business, bringing customers back time and time again.

Learn more about them

It is important to get to know your customers on a more personal level. This is especially true for smaller businesses but applies to bigger players too. Make time to converse with your clientele and don’t let them feel that they are just another number in your company. Find out their birthday and send a card from your business or give them a discount on that day. Find out if they have kids or relatives in the area and ask questions. Not only does this behavior make your customers feel appreciated but it also can help you build your customer base.

Go beyond the customer’s expectations

Whenever you do something for your customer, take the next step, look around, and go beyond what they need done. Offer free information that helps them with their business or life. This helps build rapport with them and they will begin to rely on your advice. Just be sure what you do is of value, it helps them and is profitable to them.


Customers may have other problems and they often vent on you when you are doing work for them. By listening and paying attention to them, you show that you care and they are more likely to call on you for repeat business or talk positively about you to others.

Ask questions

Ask questions about what the customer wants. They will always be happy to tell you what they would like to have done or what they would like to see in your service or product. Surveys don’t work as well but they could be useful. This takes more work, but you can get valuable information that will bring you and your customer into a closer relationship.

The most important things in using these methods is to not only collect the information, but you must also do something with it and demonstrate to the customer that you have used their information to make your product or service better.

In Short

Listening to your customers is critical and can make or break your business. Going beyond what is expected makes your customer remember you as someone who is reliable and who provides good value. Questioning and surveys give you valuable insights into your customer’s unspoken wants and needs. You however need to act on the information and show you have applied what they have given you to improve your product, service, or company.

Building, improving and nurturing your relationships with your customers will improve the lifespan of your career and business. You will have customers who will come back to you time and time again and you will grow as part of the community in providing your products and/or services to the local folks in the area.