How do I build a significant opt-in list within six months?

Six months is definitely long enough to build a significant opt-in email list for marketing purposes. The best way to start is by planning exactly you are going to entice a lot of people to subscribe to your regular emails. You will need some content which can be marketed and shared, and that could possibly go viral. Then you can reach your target audience using social media, SEO and reciprocal links. Everyone who clicks your link should be made to feel that opting in is in their best interests.

Offer an Incentive

People really need to be convinced that there is something to be gained by opting in. Few people actually want to receive marketing emails, but many can be persuaded by being offered a free gift if they subscribe. You might think that subscribers will just grab the gift and go, but most of them will stay when they see that your emails provide some exclusive offers and/or special discounts. Subscribers want to remain on a list when they think it means they get a better deal.

An incentive gift should be something of value to the subscriber that arouses curiosity and leads people to subscribe. The exact type of free gift offered to subscribers will depend on your business, but free software, a free trial or a free download could prove irresistible to someone who would not otherwise want to subscribe. The free offer could be an e-book guide or secret report that reveals the facts, exposes the truth or provides information that few people know about. It should of course be about something that is related to your type of business.

Methods to Build an Opt-in List

Each visitor to your website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter account should see a button or link to subscribe to your email list. On a blog or web page the best position to place this is high up in the right sidebar or in a prominent place close to the top of the page. Rather than just placing a ‘Subscribe’ button or link, add a message inviting visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter so they do not miss out on your updates, latest news and special offers. A similar message may also be added to the end of each blog post or page.

A good way to expand a list is by encouraging subscribers to tell their friends about the free email newsletter. Provide a link in each email to forward it to a friend’s email address, and encourage the use of social media shares.

Reciprocal links can be placed in similar email newsletters. Try contacting big list owners who may include your link in return for their link appearing in your emails.

Within six months you can reach a lot of potential subscribers for your opt-in list. Just remember that people have to be persuaded to subscribe. This means that the focus of your campaign should be be on pushing the benefits to be gained by subscribing.


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