Is PPC a Good Interactive Marketing Investment?

A PPC (pay per click) ad campaign is one of the quickest and most affordable forms of online advertising. PPC ad campaigns require effective strategy and planning in order to reach out to the right audience. These include keyword targeting, where you target your ads based on prospective keywords. But marketers often find themselves in a dilemma about when exactly they need to invest in a PPC campaign to promote their products. Here are a few pointers that might help you get over this dilemma

Budget constraints

The most opportune time to use a PPC ad campaign is when you are running on a limited budget. It is one of the most affordable and reliable forms of advertising. PPC ads are charged based on the number of times your ad has been clicked and PPC gives you the freedom to change the content of your advertisements at will.

Do you have the right keywords

PPC ads are driven by keywords. The popularity of your keywords is also a factor that influences the rate of an advertisement. A lower bid on a highly popular keyword will not get the desired result as your ad does not have enough exposure. If your target keywords are of high quality but not very popular, then it is the right time to plunge into a PPC ad campaign. But you need to strategize and plan your campaign more carefully if your keywords are more popular.

Immediate traffic generation

While techniques like SMO and SEO are excellent to generate healthy traffic to your site, these techniques are time consuming. PPC can act like a make shift SEO for your site in situations where you badly want your products sold or a survey form filled out.

Achieving conversion goals

If you need to meet certain sales goals, PPC is the best method to achieving this. With platforms such as Google Adwords, you can easily monitor your ads, set specific conversion goals and work towards achieving them.

Higher return on investment

PPC ads provide a high return on investment. Pay per click advertisements can be targeted in such a way as to reach only the audience that is interested in your offerings. This means every time your ad is clicked there is a high probability that you will make a sale. And since you pay only when an ad is clicked, the investment at your end will not be unmanageable.


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What Is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC is an online advertising model where web users are directed to advertisers’ websites when they click on an advertisement. The advertiser has to pay only when a user clicks on the ad. PPC is one of the most easiest and economical means to drive a target audience to your site with the intention of making a sale.

How does it work?

PPC ads are driven by keywords. The keywords are common phrases that the advertiser thinks the users will type into a search engine while searching a particular product. The process begins with the advertiser creating an ad and submitting relevant keywords to the advertising ‘agency’ such as Google Adwords. Once the ad is submitted and approved, it might be displayed whenever a user types the predetermined keyword on the search engine. A PPC ad is generally placed at the top of the page or on the right side of the page. If the ad is placed on any other website, the placement is subject to the adspace as determined by the web owner.

Benefits of PPC

PPC ads are very popular because of the ease in monitoring offered by this model. The PPC service usually comes with a panel to analyze and gauge the performance of the advertisements. The PPC ads are of benefit to both the advertisers as well as the users. PPC ads help the advertisers get noticed by their target market. PPC provides a greater return on investment than any other type of advertisement as the advertisers get charged only when someone clicks on the ads. Also, because of the ability to target audiences based on factors such as keywords and geographic location, you can make sure that your ad reaches the right people. The users on the other hand can breathe a sigh of relief by being able to find the right products without having to deal with the frustrating pop-ups and display banners.

PPC rates

PPC services are provided by many companies but the most effective ones are Google Adwords and Microsoft adCenter. The PPC rates may vary significantly based on the service provider and the popularity of the keyword being targeted. The quality of a keyword is one of the major factors that influence the PPC rates. Many PPC service providers allow the advertisers to set a custom bid based on their campaign budget. But they might not be able to reach a large audience for a high quality keyword if they place a low bid.  The investment made to gain a high position is clearly based on the competitive nature of your service or product, with respect to the geo targeted area and the price the competition is willing to pay for specific key words in the PPC model.


i2i Webmedia primarily serves the surrounding cities and towns on the South Shore of Massachusetts, providing website design, website development, SEO and advertising services for Plymouth, Scituate, Hingham, Hanover, Norwell, Weymouth, Quincy and the Boston vicinity.

Why Is Proper SEO Important

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method used for analyzing websites and pages for discovery and indexing by search engines. SEO can help search engines easily read and index your site using crawling software.

Advertising is essential for business but so is SEO. Advertising can create brand awareness among people and increase your market presence, but there is a good chance that some of your advertisements may go unnoticed or may not reach some potential customers. That is not the case with SEO. With proper SEO techniques you can make sure that your website appears on top of the search results every time a potential customer conducts a search for anything related to your niche.

How do search engines work?

Search engines index and rank webpages with the help of software known as spiders, robots and crawlers. The software scans each webpage from time to time and downloads a copy to the search engine database. The exact method in which the search engines rank and index webpages is a closely guarded secret by the search engine. The algorithms are continuously changed, making them almost impossible to predict. They however reveal certain information in the form of algorithms and analysis of keywords, which can help you optimize your sites.

Using the information provided by search engines, you can analyze and decide different methods that can improve a site’s search engine ranking. Some of these changes may include making certain subtle changes to the content in your website and others may depend on modifying some coding elements.

What to avoid while optimizing your site

SEO can greatly increase your inbound site traffic. The higher the number of different keywords in your content, the greater the chance of getting ranked in search results. That does not mean you should fill your site with irrelevant keywords. This method may definitely increase the traffic to your site but it serves no purpose, as most of the traffic that comes to your site may not be interested in your content as well as your products. Spamming and other malicious methods drive traffic to your site might see your site being removed from the search indexes.

SEO is a very important tool that can help you increase your web traffic and benefit from potential customers. A website without good SEO would be like a shop without a signboard. A good SEO strategy on the other hand can make your website stand out from the crowd.


i2i Webmedia primarily serves the surrounding cities and towns on the South Shore of Massachusetts, providing website design, website development, SEO and advertising services for Plymouth, Scituate, Hingham, Hanover, Norwell, Weymouth, Quincy and the Boston vicinity.

What Is Display Advertising and Why would you need It?

Display advertising is one of the most effective ways of grabbing the attention of your customers and prospects through visual content, replacing or accompanying print media with Interactive Advertising. . Display advertisements use Flash, videos, images and other technologies to appear alongside any content published by a website. Display advertisements are also used for their effective customer reach.

Why display advertisement?

 With a vast majority of users researching for brands online, display advertising constitutes an important marketing strategy that aims at engaging such users. Display advertisements can be used to accomplish several marketing goals such as creating brand awareness, delivering a message, driving traffic and even directly influencing the sale.

Also, display advertisements provide an opportunity for marketers to measure the return on investment as they can be easily monitored. This makes display advertising a desirable medium compared to the conventional cost per impression based advertisement campaigns.

Cost per click vs. Cost per impression

 Cost per click advertisements are the ads that charge the advertiser based on the number of clicks their ads receive. Cost per click ads are used mainly for online marketing.

Cost per impression advertisements charge the advertiser based on the number of impressions the ad receives, i.e. the number of times the ad appears. Advertisers run these ads on conventional mass media.

The advertisement industry is a very competitive place. The traditional cost per impression based ad channels continue to be in vogue even though they do not offer the flexibility offered by cost per click based display ads. Many bigwigs of the consumer industry continue to use the traditional ad mediums. The traditional medium offers better avenues for gaining customer loyalty as opposed to the display ads. But there has been a massive resurgence in display ads in recent times, the reason being they provide opportunities to measure and analyze the costs and returns from the campaign.

Both the forms have some unique benefits – impression based ads help capture customer loyalty while the cost per click based ads help with analysis and planning.


 Another important aspect that has popularized display ads is the flexibility that they offer. Display ads can be tweaked based on several parameters so that you get maximum benefit out of them. In this regard, you can create ads to select your target audience by:

Geo Targeting: The option of targeting your audience based on their geographic location.

Keywords: Targeting your audience with keywords suggested by Webmaster and other SEO tools.

Interests: Web browsers store users’ history of activity and this information can be leveraged to create ads targeted at your audience’s interests and likings.

Retargeting: Retargeting is a method where a cookie is placed on the browsers of all your visitors, and ads pertaining to your products and services are shown to them whenever they visit any other website.

Social Media: Many social media sites are now allowing businesses to display ads for site users. The vast user base of such online channels translates into greater visibility and brand awareness for the advertiser.