Mobile Marketing Trends in 2013

Over the past few years, large numbers of companies have realized how, ‘responsive websites’ can make a difference to them. This type of development implementation has enhanced the user experience on mobile devices to the extent that larger numbers of consumers are now viewing content on their smart phones. As a result, this shift has opened up a new arena for businesses and marketers to advertise their products. The trend this year seems to be that more and more businesses are focused on mobile marketing. Here’s what can be expected as far as mobile devices are concerned in 2013.

New operating systems

Mobile operating systems play a huge role when it comes to user experience. Currently iOS and Android have been dominating the consumer market. However, with Blackberry releasing the Blackberry 10 OS and a few more other alternatives such as Ubuntu, Sailfish and Firefox all set to come up with their own versions of open source OS’ the world of mobile marketing will definitely change. Marketers would now have to account for all the new operating systems in their strategies.

Mobile e-commerce

One of the most awaited advancements in mobile marketing includes syndication for e-commerce. This is something that will start to take place in 2013 with applications which allow consumers to make purchases directly from their mobile devices. This will not only increase the user experience but also allow consumers to make purchases conveniently from any place. On an overall note, the mobile marketing industry is all set to make a turn for a complete approach towards establishing a PC like experience on mobile devices.