Identifying Brand Tolerance to Execute Creative Campaigns

The previous year has been challenging for marketers across the globe, with respect to consumer spending slowdown, the US Fiscal Cliff Negotiations, and several other events. While speculators have predicted time and again that businesses are likely to cut ad budgets, the reality is quite a contrast. Actually it is a paradoxical scene where the ad revenues are increasing. It suggests that brands are striving to maintain brand awareness among their consumers, through intelligently creative ad campaigns while also indulging in brand tolerance.

Brand Tolerance – The receptiveness your (targeted) consumer market has to the way you position and communicate your brand to them.

Evaluating the risk

Taking risks is a part and parcel of a marketer’s life. It is a challenging and difficult task as an increased amount of risk would mean failure, and any failure is not good for the marketing team. It is always important to evaluate the risk and brand tolerance, whenever a new marketing campaign needs to be launched. While unnecessary and reckless risks could invariably damage your campaign, well-calculated risks could certainly contribute to the success of your campaign.

This can be seen very often in TV ad campaigns for various brands, where a controversial ad once in a while generates so much hype that it works better than any other form of marketing campaign. In such a scenario, the real question that you need to ask yourself as a marketer is how much risk is acceptable? How far can you push the limits of your creativity? A little discipline and a healthy debate on how much risk is acceptable, is all you need to remain ahead of your competitors. Always remember that taking risks may end up in failure, but when creativity is maintained within limits, it can bring forth unimaginable rewards.

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