Brand Positioning – Bottom Line

Brand positioning is one of the most important and essential components of brand management. Brand position is an essential element in addressing the benefits a brand provides to the consumer, and should be implemented in a compelling and unique manner.  It creates a personal connection between the brand and the consumer, and helps in the overall growth of the brand.

Brand positioning and research

In-depth research is the most critical aspect of brand positioning. Through research, you can gain insights on customer emotions, knowledge of your competitors, and a thorough understanding of the benefits your brand can provide to the consumers. Research also allows you to identify the key aspects of your brand that you can use to target your consumers.

Key benefits

When it comes to brand positioning, there are two popular beliefs in the industry”

  1. A brand should contain only one key benefit
  2. A brand should contain multiple key benefits

Regardless of what you believe, your brand positioning strategy must at all times, portray the brand in such as way that it is positioned as highly relevant to the consumer. It should also show that your competitor’s brand does not provide the key benefits effectively, and that your organization is the best choice.

Components of brand positioning

In addition to research and the key benefits, there are other essential components of brand positioning. These include the customer and the attributes of the brand. The brand attributes are nothing but the qualities that define your brand. In order to successfully position your brand, you must leverage these components in a simple and easy-to-remember format that is directed at creating and marketing a brand identity.

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