Importance of Proper Web Design and Development in Marketing

The extensive reach that the internet provides has changed the way businesses operate and advertise their products. The World Wide Web has opened new doors of opportunities to small and medium sized businesses, enabling them to compete with the bigger, well-established organizations. Today, a company’s online presence is not just important, but essential. The website is the company’s point of contact on the Web and reflects everything that the brand is. In this light, we can safely say that the design of the website is an essential element of website development.

Your Website Reflects Your Brand

It is a known fact that a successful marketing strategy is dependent upon creating and projecting an attractive brand image. That brand image, in turn, serves to attract new customers and creates brand loyalty. You must realize that since your company’s website is an online projection of your company itself, it plays a vital role in creating and maintaining your brand image. Now that the customers are shifting their focus mainly to online media, a well-designed website becomes a critical part of your marketing strategy.

 An Effective Channel for Communication

A website is essentially a channel of communication between the business and its prospects, and customers, which makes web designing all the more important. In the digital age, the website is often the first point of contact between the consumer and the business. If the website is shabby and unimpressive, visitors to the site will not take any interest in your offerings. It is important to understand that the website is one of the most effective marketing channels for business, and has the capacity to improve  sales and revenue, provided it is well-designed.

Proper design, and navigation, allows you to present your content neatly and in a readable manner, thus ensuring that the messaging is clearly passed on to the visitors.

A Properly Designed and Developed Website Can Increase Sales

SEO strategies can improve your website’s ranking on Google, and increase the traffic of visitors to your website. Converting these visitors to customers, thereby increasing sales, is possible only when your website is good enough to retain and convince your potential customers to bring their business to you. An unprofessional looking website with a vague design will have an underwhelming effect on the visitor and he/she would be likely to click off to a different website.

The short time that the visitor spends on your website is all you have to make a positive impression on him or her. A properly designed website makes a strong impression, marking the beginning of a lasting, profitable alliance between the business and the consumer, while a poor one pushes away the visitors.

Importance of “Best In Class” Business Websites, the Bigger Picture

When building a house, the integrity of the construction is only as good as the strength of its foundation. This is the same with websites. If the design is drab and dated, if the message regarding your products or service does not tie to how it benefits the consumer, then you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to attract new customers.

In our current economic recession, it has become extremely important for businesses to maintain and expand their customer base through well-designed and effective market strategies. You can’t afford NOT to have an extra edge in your business, if you want to maintain revenue and profitability. In the current “online” age, that extra edge is afforded to you by creating a fresh and relevant professional website for your business. The days when folks browsed through the newspapers and magazines or the yellow pages to locate the businesses that would meet their needs are long gone; online search engines have now taken the place of those age old tools, and are used by people to locate the services required by them.

Obviously in that scenario, your company needs to have a significant professional presence if it hopes to gain a piece of the online market. Think about it.  What is the impression you are giving visitors to your site if it looks drab and dated? Also think about you local competition, do they have a website that is fresh, professional and provides consumer benefits in their messaging?

The site is your foundation, social media starts the buzz

Some might argue that simply creating a Facebook or Twitter profile for your company should suffice in this social media centric age. While that is not a bad idea, simply relying on your company’s social media profile is not going to cut it. Social media presence is meant to complement your online presence; it is not the be all and end all of your online strategy. This article and others to come will discuss some additional pertinent reasons that should prompt you to create a compelling website.

Most users who spend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter, are not concerned with professional networking, rather they spend time on the social network site to connect with family and friends. Your presence on social media channels alone is not enough for drawing in potential customers; rather your profile’s discovery on Facebook and Twitter should serve as a precursor to encouraging friends to share (provide a small promotion) your website link with others so that they might benefit them from your products or services.

Your company’s brand awareness will then expand by your extended network of prospects. However unless you link your Facebook or Twitter profile to a “best in class” website, your prospects won’t be subjected to a professional and effective company branding strategy.  The value proposition of your product or service will be lost to the visitor, who is now off searching and viewing your competitors’ site.

Content Management Systems for Control and Opportunity

A CMS (Content Management System) allows the business owner full editing control of the text and most of the imagery that resides on the website.  Having your website built with a CMS platform is critical initially, in order for you to create fresh new content needed for optimum SEO results. You need control to edit the content you are positioning to prospects and valued customers so that you able to change it on the fly when there is a need to react to the market, with focused attention on what is working in you marketing efforts.

Possibly, you would also be responding with better promotions, more comprehensive detail to products and services etc. Your website is your primary online brochure; it is the face of the company to the marketplace. Having control of the content on your website is the only way to affordably react with information to an ever changing  market, so make sure when speaking to the company designing and developing your website, you include a CMS platform.


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