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i2Buy Storefront

Online Sales are expected to hit $144 billion in the U.S. by 2010. Isn’t it time you got your piece of the pie? The i2Buy Storefronts Quick Shopping Cart can make it happen.

With the i2Buy Storefront Quick Shopping Cart, you can create and publish a stand-alone Internet store or add one to your existing website. Accept PayPal® and credit cards, offer multiple shipping options, issue coupons -all via your secure site. And there’s NO “percentage of sales” fee!

In many cases if your company sells products to consumers or businesses and you don’t have a fully automated eCommerce website, your business is simply not operating at its full potential and you’re sending customers to your competition!

The i2Buy Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy for many types of business to set up and manage a professional, secure eCommerce website — easier and more affordably than you thought might be possible. The fully-managed system can be “plugged into” virtually any type of website, operating on any platform anywhere in the world!

Whether you’re setting up your first online store, expanding an existing e-business or looking for new tools and techniques to support a high-traffic online business—we at i2i have just the solution for you! Our range of options is designed with your primary objectives in mind–affordability, flexibility and growth!

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Shopify – The easiest way to sell online

Customers are willing to spend more time and money on your site when you offer clear, appealing and easily accessible information about your products. That’s why an effective, results-driven website is key to the success of your newly-launched online storefront. Now you can benefit from a profitable online business even if you don’t have the time or the expertise to design and build an online storefront. Let the i2iwebmedia team along with our partner Shopify (rated and endorsed by CNET) help you launch your online storefront and start generating new revenue quickly and easily! i2i webmedia through our partnership with Shopify offer the following features

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Why i2Buy

Why use i2Buy to help you with online revenue? Our partnership with Shopify is the key. Shopify is a leader in e-commerce shopping cart solutions and has the one of the most comprehensive set of features in the industry. They will not only make it easy for your shoppers to do business with you, but will also provide the ability to tailor the system to meet your business needs. For an overview of the features provided when you choose i2Buy and Shopify, take a look below.

Fast and Easy

  • Fast and easy set up – you can easily integrate and access the Shopify Hosted service into your website.
  • Basic Internet skills – if you have them you’ll have no problem working with our system, no formal technical background is needed.
  • User-friendly guides – designed with non-technical users in mind to show you how to use the features to integrate the software, add or delete products, change pricing etc.
  • Intuitive online interface – you can easily manage and update your site, control your online inventory, process orders, track sales, and access information from anywhere in the world.
  • Personal support – A friendly and capable support staff is only a call away if you have any special requirements.

Affordable and Scalable

  • Wide range of built-in features – you don’t have to spend more to get advanced features because they come built in with the standard system.
  • Exceptional value – you get an unprecedented range of key features normally present only in highly expensive shopping cart systems, as part of the basic system.
  • No software to install or configure – this means you don’t have to spend money on a server.
  • Reduced maintenance fees – Shopify is responsible for the software management and maintenance so you don’t have to employ technical staff to maintain the system.
  • Scalable – you can start on a small budget and upgrade your system as your business grows. Because the system evolves with your business, you don’t have to replace it as your business expands.

Secure and Reliable

  • Product inventory update – powerful built-in tools which allows you tight control of your entire product inventory.
  • Fully integrated customer database – enables you to easily access customer records.
  • Customizable – the system adapts to the way you do business. This means that you don’t have to change how you work to make the system work for you.
  • Storefront statistics and reports – these features keep you informed of the success of your site and provide you with valuable information for future marketing initiatives.
  • Payment processing and shipping features – enable you to offer your customers fast and secure credit card transactions and flexible shipping options.

Professional Management Functions

  • Unparalleled range of sales and marketing tools – to maximize your exposure to online buyers, drive traffic to your site, and optimize your site’s accessibility.
  • Google Search Engine friendly layout – to ensure that your store is easily accessible by leading search engines.
  • Trackable links – enables you to identify your most effective forms of advertising.
  • Easy eBay integration – ensures visibility for your products to millions of prospective buyers by listing them on eBay.
  • Boolean based product search – allows your customers greater flexibility when searching for your products.

Cutting-edge Sales and Marketing Tools

  • Personal support – you can choose the level of support you need depending on your business requirements. A professional services team is standing by to help you with your special requests.
  • Product support – The staff is responsible for software updates so you can rest assured that your system is up-to-date with the latest security standards.


  • Personal support – you can choose the level of support you need from us depending on your business requirements. Our professional services team is standing by to help you with your special requests.
  • Product support – our staff is responsible for software updates so you can rest assured that your system is up-to-date with the latest security standards.

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